Final Dissemination Event

A one-day conference will be organised, targeted at:

  • the National Student Unions of the territories in the EHEA
  • the pan-European HE/HEI associations
  • other relevant key stakeholders including the appropriate authorities at the European level.

The conference aims to ensure the legacy of the Project by presenting it and the outcomes from it in a way that will engage the National Students Union members of ESU as advocates for and champions of the work of the Project, going forward beyond its completion.

The involvement in the Conference of representatives from the key European Associations and from the key European institutions will promote wider awareness of the project, its relevance and the potential associated with the OER produced at institutional, national, European and the wider international. This will also be the focus of a comprehensive report on the Conference (and Project), that will be sent to the relevant Ministries of all territories within the EHEA and published on the project website.