Key milestones for the project were the design and delivery of the four audits of Higher Education Institutions across Europe. Over the three year project, each institutional project partner has been audited by a team of trained students. In addition, a fourth audit was delivered as a means of testing the approach at a non-partner organisation. King's College London fulfilled this role.

According to the project design, university staff (along with support from students' associations and also teams of 'host' students) arranged intensive auditing schedules to enable the student auditors to fulfil their role. Timetables included introductory sessions with relevant university leadership, opportunities to continue documentary review started back at their home institution, face-to-face interviews with university staff and community stakeholders and focus groups with university students and staff. The latter half of the audit week was focused on preparation of a presentation to be delivered on the final day of the audit, communicating initial findings and recommendations to an audience of university stakeholders.

In total, 60 students completed an audit, with no student carrying out an audit of their own institution. Read more about the four audits that have been completed by clicking on the tabs to the left of this page.

Resources designed to guide student auditors through the process of delivering an audit of social responsibility performance at a European university, supplementing the learning gained through participating in the auditor training programme have been developed by the project team, led by the National Union of Students (UK).  Guidance for universities facilitating the audit process has also been produced with these resources trialled and tested in the four audits delivered throughout the project.  Access the audit resources here.