Learning, assessment and certification

Alongside the facilitator and student auditor training programmes, sits the framework for the assessment of the learning outcomes, the development of which was led by the University of Edinburgh.  This framework includes analysis of the ‘reflective experiential learning’ associated with the learner’s participation in the auditor training and audit activities.

This framework was designed to accommodate:

  • EQF Level 6 compatible certification of student knowledge, skills and competence which will be referenced to the relevant institutional and national quality standards such as expressed for example in graduate attributes statements

  • Guidelines regarding presentation and assessment of an e-portfolio of evidence of learning

The assessment process is based on a reflective portfolio approach that was implemented using PebblePad during the Erasmus+ funded project. The assessment framework is adapted from the University of Edinburgh’s Student-Led, Individually Created Courses (SLICCs).

In total, 47 students achieved the Certificate in Social Responsibility Auditing throughout the funded project.